Repair Credit Score Through Bad Credit Car Loans

Repair Credit Score Through Bad Credit Car Loans

By Xenia Stevens

Credit problem is common these days. If you are one of the victims of bad credit and also facing problem in availing loans from the financial market to buy a car, in such condition bad credit car loans is best option for you.

Bad credit car loan is the product of the bad credit market fund which is especially designed to cater all people facing debt problem. Bad credit car loan also help the people in re-establishing their credit score by making duly and timely payments.

Bad credit car loan is available in two flavours:

•Secured bad credit car loans

In secured bad credit car loan, an individual is obliged to place collateral but sometimes it is seen that the car itself act as security against the amount. The fact of collateral also enables the lender to offer competitive rate of interest. But, if the person misses any repayment of instalment then it can further worsen up his credit position. And once it get worsen up it becomes very difficult to improve the credit score.

•Unsecured bad credit car loans

In unsecured bad credit car loan, there is no such obligation to place collateral. Instead of collateral the borrower provide certain documents to proof his credibility. Interest rate in unsecured bad credit car loan is little higher as compared to the secured form. Sometimes, an individual carries a misconception that the lender can take no action, in missing any payment as there is no asset involved. Rather the lender has legal right to sieze the asset or can take back the car if he tends to miss any payment.

The documents which are needed to be submit to the lender while availing unsecured bad credit car loan are:

•Bank statement

•Identity proof

•Income proof

•Financial status

•Or some other detail as per the requirement.

The person can get finance from banks, financial institutions and dealers. Here banks and financial institutions are known as direct mode of finance on the other hand dealers are known as indirect mode of finance. Dealers are just intermediaries between the financing company and the borrower. But, the borrower must avoid dealing with such intermediaries as it increases the cost of the finance as they includes their profit and also charges very high rate of interest. So, it is recommended that the borrower must avail loan directly from the bank or any financial institution.

At the end, the person is suggested that whether he avails secured bad credit car loan or unsecured bad credit car loan, he should always try to make timely payments in order to improve his credit rating.

About the Author: Xenia Stevens has been associated with AmericasCarLoans. She has completed her Masters in Finance from Cranfield School of Management. She provides useful information on Car loans. For further details in car loans, bad credit car loans, car loan financing visit


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